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2. Pre 1989

As noted in the Overview, Birmingham & Solihull Rugby Club was the result on the merger of two clubs,Birmingham and Solihull RFCs,in 1989.

Birmingham RFC

Founded in 1909, the Club was based at Portway which is now the home of the modern day club.

Birmingham RFC was seeded in Courage National Division Three with Exeter, Fylde, Maidstone, Met Police, Morley, Nuneaton, Plymouth Albion, Sheffield, Vale of Lune, Wakefield and West Hartlepool, when league rugby started in 1987/88.

At the end of the first season it was relegated, together with Morley. A second successive relegation followed in 1988/89 after all ten games in Area League North were lost.

Solihull RFC

Founded in 1933, Solihull, also an independent club found difficulty in adjusting to the demands of league rugby too. Seeded in Area League North the club lost all ten games in 1987/88 and having been relegated to Midlands Division One, finished ninth from twelve the following season.